Take our Memory Test

Memory loss can be worrying. So why not take our short memory test to see if your memory loss, or the memory loss of someone you know, may be something to investigate further.

Once you’ve taken the test you then have the option of talking through the results with your doctor to discuss your next steps.

Take the memory test

Want to find out if you may be eligible to participate, but prefer to take the survey by telephone instead?

Call (877) 231-7271. Please note this toll-free number is for US residents only and is open between 8am and 8pm US Eastern time.

  • clock The test should only take 10 minutes.
  • report Get a summary on your memory, and how it may be affecting your daily activities.
  • printer If you wish, you can print this report out and talk it through with your doctor.
  • steps Find out what next steps might be available to you.

Disclaimer – this test alone is not enough to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. However, it will help you to see if the memory loss in question is something that should be investigated further.

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